Top 5 Best Android Games of 2014

Apple’s iPhone with its exclusive games dominated the gaming market for a long time. Then, a funny thing happened. Android started to grow and grow and grow to such a degree, that the Google Play app store literally features hundreds of thousands of games available for download. Luckily enough, 2014 wasn’t just a good year for Android games because so many emerged, but because so many good ones did and you can see below some of our favorite ones.

1) Badland


Gorgeous to look at and fun to play, Badland is a side-scrolling game where you make a creature (looking like a cross between a bat and a hedgehog) fly, trying to avoid as many obstacles as possible. The physics engine is more complicated than it seems at first sight and the levels are literally giving you a hundred ways to die, by being stacked with hazardous objects, like knives, hammers or cogwheels, just to mention a few. What’s more, if you can’t find your way out, there is a local multiplayer mode available, which lets up to four users play on the same device. Hey, four heads must be more useful than one, right?

2) Angry Birds Star Wars II


We’ve lost count of the many Angry Birds games available, but despite their oversaturation, it shouldn’t be that shocking that they still manage to find a place on our list. The Star Wars II game is great fun, especially since the birds look like Jedi knights, fighting against green pig stormtroopers. The settings are familiar enough for any Star Wars fan and the fact that there is a seventh installment down the pipeline should only increase the interest in such thematically-based games.

3) Real Racing 3


Real Racing 3 almost looks like…the real deal; it has such great visuals, that we are amazed that this is a smartphone game and not a console one.The motion-controlled steering works like a charm and this is something difficult to pull off when it comes to smartphones. The free version lets you participate in races with your car(s) fine, except you have to wait quite a lot between races. If you mind that, Real Racing 3 is the kind of game worth making you spend a few bucks to get rid of all the limitations.

4) Batman: Arkham Origins


Batman: Arkham Asylum was the game that started it all a few years ago on PC. What proved to be one of the most innovative arcade-style combat game series, finally made its way on the Android market. Arkham Origins is a prequel to Asylum, featuring a younger and more inexperienced Batman, fighting villains like Deadshot, Bane or Electrocutioner. Attacking is done by swiping and tapping the screen and combos can be realized by combining offensive and defensive maneuvers, to disable more opponents at once.

5) Subway Surfers


Labeled as an “endless running” game, Subway Surfers consists in avoiding trains coming your way and collecting as many coins as possible, using several power ups, like jetpacks, jumping jacks, magnets or sneakers. Daily challenges and missions help increase your score and mystery boxes can unlock characters or give additional score boosters.The game is set in various cities, like Bangkok, New Orleans or London.


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