Simplescripts is the most popular 1-click install script available on the internet.  In fact, a large majority of web hosting providers have now built simplescripts into their cPanel.  I LOVE the simplescripts software for one reason and that is that it gives beginners an easy opportunity to create a website and have it live on the world wide web within just a few hours… ITS REALLY THAT SIMPLE!

I decided in this guide to take you step by step of what you need to do to create a professional looking website using the SimpleScripts software.

1.  The first thing you need to do is purchase web hosting from a company that supports and offers Simplescripts to their users.  I HIGHLY suggest Hostmonster, in fact, we use this host to host our website.   We have partnered with Hostmonster to offer users a $3.95 promo code to our users, to activate that discount simply click on the banner at the top of this article.

2.  After using our link and going to Hostmonster’s website and signing up for web hosting, you will then need to log into your Hostmonster CPANEL account.  If you do not know how to do this, the information will be e-mailed to you after you sign up for an account.

3.  Once you login scroll down until you see the software/services area and click on the blue simplescripts button.

4.  Next, scroll down the scripts list until you see the button called “WordPress”, click on this button and install a brand new copy by following the on screen directions.

5.  Once you have installed WordPress, you are now ready to work on your website.  WordPress is THE EASIEST website building software on the web and we have written a complete guide to using wordpress that will help you through this process.  If you are familiar with other software, Simplescripts offers 1-click installs for all kinds of content management systems; however, we personally love and recommend WordPress.

The great part about Hostmonster web hosting is that their support is AWESOME!  IF you have any problems whatsoever when trying to create a website all you have to do is call their support phone number which is listed on their website, they offer 24/7 support!

Again, I highly suggest that you sign up for Hostmonster web hosting, click on the link below if you want to enable the exclusive discount link that I mentioned earlier in the article.

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For a business to be successful and powerful, you need to have all the tools and strategies planned out. If you want things to work out, it is important for you to know what the customers want and what they would like for you to have in your company and several other aspects that are involved with it. Website designing is really interesting and when it comes to actually doing it and carrying it out for the business, you need to take measurements and plan out the guidelines beneficially for the future outcomes. You should know that website designing could bring you a lot of advantages and more than that, custom website design would make your website distinctive and highlighting.

Custom website designing is a combination of both the design and work of the website along with the content that you want to put in relatively. With a custom website design, you can put fewer efforts and get more benefits and chances to be exposed and full covered by the audience. Custom website design is made in a way that it is going to attract more and more people and the guidelines and designs are already made out. You don’t have to choose things separately. This would professionally expand your business and give you a chance to become an expert in doing what you want to do.

With the custom website design, you can stay one step forward with the rest of the plans that you have in your mind. You don’t have to plan up different templates and go with tens of different designs for everything. Not only does it save you a lot of time but it saves a lot of your money and efforts as well. The custom made website designs would be inexpensive to buy off from the online sources and you can put the reserved amount of money somewhere else.

With the help of custom website design, the feel and look to the website is different and unique. The motive and lesson of your business would be well delivered and it is going to be optimum for everyone entirely. The credibility and persona of the custom website design is really advantageous as well. It would be really better off for the search engine optimization and many other marketing techniques you could think about involving. The end outcome of this response is going to be amazing.

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So you have a product or products and you want to start selling them online; however, you don’t know where to start…. Luckily, we are here to help!   The process of selling an item online has never been easier and within a matter of minutes you can be well on your way.

There are three main steps that you will need to complete in order to sell your product online and we will outline each of these steps in detail in this article.  The three steps are:

  1. Purchase Web Hosting.
  2. Easily Create a Website using wordpress.
  3. Use to sell products on your site.

Step 1: Purchase Web Hosting

To create a web site you have to first buy space on the Internet, this space that you are purchasing is called, “web hosting”.  Every site that is on the web is hosted on a server somewhere in the world.  There are thousands of web hosting providers around the world, some good, and some bad; however, today will will suggest that you choose either Hostmonster or Bluehost.

Both of these hosts offer one-click WordPress installs which makes designing a website VERY EASY and is required before advancing to step 2 below.  We have teamed up with Hostmonster AND Bluehost to bring you the great rate of $3.95 a month, to active this special promo all you need to do is click on one of our exclusive links below and sign up for hosting.

* Remember, you must sign up for web hosting through one of these two companies before you can advance to step 2.

Step 2:  Easily Create a Website using WordPress.

Once you have completed step 1 and signed up for web hosting you should receive an e-mail from one of the hosts with your CPANEL username and password.  After receiving this e-mail you will simply go to or and login to your new account by clicking on “control panel login” at the top of the page.

After Logging into to your new account you will scroll down to the “Software & Services” box and click on the “WordPress” button”.

This will take you through the process of setting up wordpress on your new server .. (This is completely free, simply follow the on-screen directions.)

After successfully installing wordpress on your server you will receiving another email with login information for your new WordPress account.  You can log in to your new wordpress account and customize it however you would like. Read our previous article to learn more about Blogging and creating sites with WordPress .

You can use WordPress to simply design your website, add products, description, etc.

Step 3: Use to sell products on your site.

With the recent launch of, it has never been easier to sell your products online. is an easy to use shopping cart that integrates with Paypal and Google Checkout.  Simply sign-up for an account at PopCart, login to your account, and add product information (name, taxes, shipping, etc). then does all of the hard work for you and gives you a short code which will then be copied on your WordPress site.

IT IS THAT EASY!   By following these three simple steps you will be selling your products online and will be on your way to unlocking the fortunes that can online be found on the Internet.

Building your first website can be an exciting (yet challenging) task.  This article deals with how to get your website online once you have it created.  However, if you have not yet created a website, you can check out our article on how to use wordpress to create your own site easily OR you can purchase web design from one of our professional partners.

How to Get Your Website Online in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: The two things you will need to get your website online is a domain name and web hosting.  A lot of place like godaddy want to charge you an arm and a leg for each of these items separately.  However, there are a few web hosting providers that will give you a free domain name when you purchase web hosting with them.  With this in mind we have listed a few hosts that will give you a free domain name.

* You will need to sign up for one of these web hosting accounts before moving to step 2.

Step 2: If you have designed your website you will need to upload your files to your new web hosting account.  You will do this by using a FTP program.  FileZilla is a great FREE ftp program.  After you sign up for web hosting with one of the three hosts above you will receive an email with your account FTP information, you will simply plug this information into FileZilla. If you need additional help, we have a great (and detailed) article that discusses how to upload your website using FTP.

Step 3: By this step your website is actually online and visible to you; however, you now will need to market your website.  Depending on what type of site you have you can do this in many different ways.  If you are looking to create a profitable online business you will want to create a SEO Friendly website.  I have also found it very rewarding to advertise using Google Adwords. There are a lot of web hosting providers that will give you free Google Adwords credit when you get your website online with them.  Local businesses, churches, and personal sites can typically rely on word-of-mouth advertising.  Be sure to place your website address on all of your literature (brochures, business cards, signs, etc.)

As always feel free to contact us if you need any additional help! has grown to be one of the biggest and most succesful web hosting review sites on the web.   When a business grows so do the number of requests for third-party work.  It seems as if every day we receive a request from an individual asking us to build a web site for them.  We love to help out our customers; however, we are not really in the web design business except for the web hosting side of it.

I want our site to be as useful as possible for our readers so I decided to go out and look at a bunch of web designers that I could reccomend to our readers.  After looking at many designers we decided to join up with !

After looking at their portfolio there was not a doubt in my mind that this design company was among the best in the business and I feel that our customers would be very pleased with their work.   We are not being paid (in any way) for our partnership, we honestly feel like this is a great web designer and we hope the partnership will help our customers acheive their goal of obtaining a professional web site!

If you would like to learn more about LouderThanWordsDesign, you can check out our brand new web design page!

WordPress has come to be known as the best blogging platform even for beginners building their first ever website. The Web is abuzz about WordPress sites.  But for the uninitiated, building a WordPress site is nothing less than a challenge.  No, it’s not because the process itself is complicated, but because of lack of necessary knowledge.

Just leave all your fears associated with building a website behind and read this.

You don’t need to know HTML, database management, FTP or anything else.  You don’t need Dreamweaver or any other WYSUSYG software.  It’s free to use with excellent easy-to-use features, SEO friendly and very well supported.

There are two WordPress websites you can go to based on your need; and  There is always confusion as to what is different here. has everything related to the software, such as documentation, download links for the software and it is here that you can also find support.  On the other hand, is a place where a free blog can be hosted online using WordPress software. Since these are free blogs, they will have in their URL, just as blogger blogs URLs have

Your WordPress website is supported by the backend system, templates and plugins that make life easier.  A template is a design code for your website and comes in css and php files.  A plugin is a functional code that provides extra functions for your website.

WordPress Templates

In WordPress, the design of your website has no connection with the backend system. The website appearance is based on files named templates or themes. The files in the template folders can be modified to get the exact website design you need, without going anywhere near the WordPress backend. Once the stylesheets and template files are configured, the design will show up on your site. The design remains consistent throughout all the pages on the website, without you having to work on each page.

You can either make these templates yourself or use the ones provided by WordPress for free or even buy them.  In fact, there is such a huge variety of these templates that you won’t have to create your own, unless of course you wish to.  Since the free ones are easy to use, you can use them initially instead of spending money buying them or creating them.

You can find these templates on WordPress themes gallery sites or on the official WordPress site in the “Themes Directory.” If you search Google, you will find hundreds of websites offering these templates.

WordPress Plugins

A WordPress plugin increases the power of WordPress and can be used to do almost anything, such as use polls on your website, establish rating systems on the site, auto-generate XML sitemap, add SEO features and many more.  There are thousands you can choose from.  Just like the ready-made templates, you will not have to create any plugins.  There are several volunteers that keep developing these plugins and sharing them for free.  These plugins help you get anything done on the website.


WordPress can be hosted with almost any hosting provider and installed on all computers with Unix/Linux system.   Just download the WordPress installation file and follow instructions.  It is advisable to go with a web host that allows auto-installation of WordPress, which will greatly help you if you are new to this. There are several such good web hosts around that offer auto-installation using Fantastico or some such program.   Once you sign up with a web host, just look for WordPress option and click on that.  Things should be simple after that.

There you go; using WordPress for your websites can be wonderful in terms of ease of use as well as for SEO purposes.  A WordPress site ranks faster too and with the right plugins, you will find yourself on the first page of Google within no time.  Even if the first website takes time because of the learning curve involved, you will find yourself breezing through websites after that.

Hostmonster $3.95

Designing an internet business is important and it entails far more than just creating a website and promoting products or services.  If you look around, you will find hundreds of websites that do nothing to retain their visitors’ interest, making them leave.

While the look of the website and the products/services that deliver value is important, it is also important for your site to communicate that value effectively.

Here are some essentials that will spell the difference between success and failure of your online business:

Professional Website Design

Here I’m not talking about using flash or other visual effects that will slow down the loading of your web pages.  Your website needs to be considered genuine, and people should get a feeling that there is a concerned individual behind the site who cares enough for the visitors to ensure the website is presented well.

The website should be designed using appropriate colors and graphics that blend well together. The content on the site should be professional with useful information and without grammatical errors or typos, which reflect the carelessness of the webmaster. Images should only be used where necessary and should not distract the visitors from the main purpose of their visit.

Sales Page

This is where you are actually selling to your visitors.  You will have to list all the good things that your product offers; the money that can be saved, the money they can make, how it offers more freedom or security for them and their families, the time saved, the convenience factor etc.

In this section, give your visitors what they want and the way they want it, which is enough to get them to buy from you.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is very important as it allows visitors to go from page to page on your website with ease.  All the internal pages should be connected to the home page.  Your visitors should be able to find all the different sections of your site with a glance.  Ensuring that the navigation is similar in all the pages helps visitors.

Index Page

This page should tell your visitors everything about your product or services.  They should be given a clear picture of the purpose of your site.  If needed, you can add images of the products to make things clearer.


While many people may not pay attention to this aspect of a website design, it reflects professionalism.  You can add that “trust” factor with a good business logo design.  Just make sure the logo goes well with the color and theme of your website.


This is important to be able to answer any questions your visitors may have; especially so if you are selling products. You can add every question that may not have been cleared in the main sales page.  This helps increase sales as your visitors will find all their questions answered and take a decision for the purchase.


“The money is in the list!”  These oft spoken wise words are the result of many an experienced marketer’s research that revealed the importance of building a list of email prospects.  Collecting the emails of your visitors will help you sell easily in the future, by contacting them.  The subscription area should be clearly shown on the web page, and it does help with getting more opt-ins if you offer an incentive of some sort.

Contact Us

The “Contact Us” page helps maintain a close relationship with your visitors. If there are any questions your visitors want answered, they have the option to contact you.  You will be able to reinforce the fact that the person behind the site actually cares for the visitors.  But make sure to respond as early and as clearly as possible when you receive a query.

Privacy Policy

Every visitor making a purchase online needs to either give their credit card details or other personal details, which can be actually scary for them because of the nature of the internet.  This page gives them the assurance that their information will only be used for the intended purpose and nothing else.

About Us

It helps to reveal a little information about yourself and the intention of your online business.  This is a psychological trigger that gives your visitors the confidence to deal with you.

Refund Policy

Sometimes, after buying the product or service, your customers may not be happy and ask for a refund or return.  You will have to make this clear in this section. Even if refunds and returns are not allowed, you will have to let them know.

Seeing real success is possible if you ensure you do things right; and these are just small things that need to be taken care of when designing your website.

Need a place to host your website?  Check out!

With the arrival of Linux web hosting, webmasters enjoyed an increase in performance, stability, reliability and security.  These factors make Linux the operating system of choice for anyone looking to host a website. Most of the technologies and networking protocols that enable the internet are based on Unix, and Linux is a derivation of Unix.  It is also compatible with MySQL and Apache, proving to be a leader in the open-source software area, making it highly customizable and cost efficient.

One of the main advantages of Linux hosting is said to be the development of software to support the platform as well as the fact that it can run almost all protocols or web services.  With constant improvement in the software, there are several Linux distributions that you may encounter when searching for that perfect web hosting package. They are called “distros” and consist of a huge collection of software applications such as spreadsheets, processors, database applications and word processors.


This is a popular Linux distribution for servers, laptops and desktops.  It offers excellent features that can be compared to Windows hosting, making it easier to work on. Everything from e-mailing programs to programming tools and web server are available. It is free to use, which means it can be downloaded and shared with anyone without paying anything.  Because of all the specialist tools available, it is liked by most multimedia designers who specialize in music production and video design.

It is used by many web hosting providers and this distribution is maintained extremely well with constant updates and regular patch releases.  It is available as an OS for most VPS web hosting and may also be installed on a dedicated server if you want.  Since it is based on Linux, users get plenty of ready-to-use programs that can be run on servers and desktop machines, by making the necessary changes.


The name itself suggests that this is similar to Ubuntu.  Although, both are almost the same where functionality and operation is concerned, they use different file systems.  Other than that, they offer the same level of performance, reliability, security and security users look for, making it perfect for website hosting as well as for desktop use.


This hosting caters to the server platform based on Ubuntu and Kubuntu operating systems. It is the most used Linux distribution today; although it is considered to be more complex.  It offers superior flexibility and reliability and helps keep several websites running most efficiently at the same time. It is great to be used as a server as well as a desktop operating system.


A common Linux distribution, Fedora is usually used for dedicated server hosting plans.  It is often bundled with dedicated server hosting plans.  It is based on RedHat Linux, which is a commercial distribution.
Though it is in existence in the hosting marketplace, Fedora is mainly used as a server platform for older machines due to its limitations and ability to perform exceptionally well by using fewer system resources.


Ranked as the best software and providers of Linux and open source technology, Red Hat is the mother of most other Linux distributions and has a name for quality open source technology services.


It is one of the largest Linux distributions from Germany and SuSe is short for “Software- und System Entwicklung.”  It is user friendly and offers easy accessibility for beginners, experienced people as well as being great for corporate use.


It stands for “Community ENTerprise Operating System” and is a free Linux distribution.  This one is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linus (RHEL) and is totally compatible with it.  Although, it is a free software, it is only provided to paying subscribers.

Most hosting providers offer multiple Linux distros and you are assured to get everything you could ever need.  Linux distributions have a wide range of benefits and features, and have a historic reputation for providing the best in terms of reliable performance.

If you are looking to create or start your very first website for your small business, we can help you!  Creating your first website can actually be a lot easier than you may imagine and doing the work yourself could save your business a VERY large sum of money.

Every small business needs a presence on the world wide web; in fact, there is a lot of research that shows that many people are turning to the web for any and all purchases.  If your small business is going to survive and thrive during this poor economic period you must start your business website today!   It is very easy to do and can be done quickly and easily if you follow our step by step guide.

How to Create A Small Business Website:

Step 1: Brainstorm a domain name for your website (ie., most basic domain names have already been taken so you may have to use come creativity during this step.  There is a cool website that will help you come up with a creative and available domain name, it is

Step 2: Register your domain name for FREE by signing up with one of our affordable web hosting recommendations.  If you want professional, reliable, and affordable web hosting I would suggest one of the three hosts below.. (Make sure you click on our link to receive a special discount).

Step 3: Log into your new web hosting account CPANEL (you will receive an email with details).  After logging in scroll down and click the button named “SimpleScripts”.. Follow on screen directions and use SimpleScripts to install wordpress on your new web hosting server.

Step 4: You will receive another email with the user name and password of your wordpress account, use this information to log into your account.

Step 5: Google and find a FREE wordpress theme that is related to your niche and download it to your computer.  Upload the theme to your wordpress account… If you need help doing this there is a nice free guide to install wordpress here.

Step 6: Add content to your new wordpress website.  This is done VERY EASILY… But again if you need help, I found a useful guide to adding WordPress content.

Following these EASY 6 steps you can create a website for your small business… You will not have to pay anyone to create your website and the hosting will cost under $3.95 a month if you use our exclusive hosting links above.  I hope this step-by-step guide to creating a small business website will help your business succeed.

If you are considering building your first web page but confused about where to start this guide will tell you exactly what you will need.   A common misconception with beginners is that web design is expensive and VERY hard to do by your self.  Although some types of web design can be challenging, software provided by many popular web hosting providers make creating your first web site a breeze.

In this guide I will outline two different methods of building a professional web site with ease for only $3.95 a month!  If you follow these simple steps you will be on your way to building your first web page.

Method #1 – Using WordPress To Create Your Site – **Editor Suggested**

WordPress is by far the easiest way to create a web page for the first time. In fact, this very blog is created in wordpress and is very easy to maintain.  Most web hosting providers make wordpress installations very easy all you have to do is follow these steps to create your first web site.

  1. Register for web hosting at HostMonster.  Web hosting with Hostmonster typically cost $6.95 a month; however, we have worked out a deal with them and can offer you the same hosting for only $3.95 a month!  To get this special rate all you need to do is click on our exclusive link above.
  2. After signing up for web hosting you will need to go to and log in your account.  After logging into your account CPANEL you will see a button toward the bottom of the page called, “SimpleScripts”, simply click this button.
  3. From this screen you can select WordPress and follow the on screen directions to install wordpress on your server FOR FREE.  HostMonster makes the WordPress install super easy in comparrison to other hosting sites.
  4. After installing wordpress you will be able to log into your new account (instructions will be emailed to you). Once logged in you can eaily install any free wordpress theme , offers a few free wordpress themes; however, if you Google wordpress themes you will find thousands more!
  5. WordPress takes all of the design out of web design and all you have to do is sign up for web hosting at HostMonster and the rest is free, including your domain name.  There are custom wordpress themes for every type of website including: blogs, real estate, churches, schools, business, and so much more!
  6. Congratulations you just built your first professional website in a matter of minutes and the best part is it will only cost you $3.95 a month!

Method #2 – Using SiteBuilder Programs

Many web hosting providers will include free sitebuilder software with the purchase of web hosting.  HostMonster, Bluehost, and JustHost all offer great and easy to use sitebuilder programs.

  1. Register for a web hosting account at: Hostmonster, Bluehost, or Justhost (only $3.95 a month)
  2. Login to your hosting account CPANEL (Instructions will be emailed to you after step 1)
  3. Click the button that says sitebuilder
  4. Follow on screen directions
  5. Congrats, in only 4 steps and less that $4 a month you will have your very first professional web page.

Don’t let other companies fool you into spending hundreds of dollars on web design because in reality all you will need is a web hosting account (see above).  Follow the easy instructions in our guide to building your first web page above and you will be on your way to creating you first web site.